【2020】Experience of Makeover

Become a princess at  shrine !
The costume is Uchikake(special kimono)!
Let’s make wonderful memories !


Date 22(Sat),23(Sun) February, 07(Sat),08(Sun) March 2020
Meeting Point Kuroda Kanbe Museum at Nakatsu Castle黒田官兵衛資料館(中津城内)
Address  1273-2 Ninocho Nakatsu city Oita 大分県中津市二ノ丁1273−2
※Free Car Parking is available on site  Map
Meeting Time The first stage 10:00
The second stage 13:00
The third stage 15:00
Event Venue Okudaira Shrine in Nakatsu Castle Courtyard 奥平神社
Duration Approx. 60 mins.
Schedule Briefing & dressing costume (approx. 15mins.)
Free photo session on the stage in the shrine(approx.30mins.)
Removing costume (approx. 5mins.)
Spare time (approx. 10mins.)
Note: The schedule may be changed due to unforeseen events.
Participant 1 to 4 people per stage can be accepted.
1) Age 15 or under needs guardian on-site.
2) Age 16 to 19 needs consent from guardian.
3) Needs 140cm or more body height to due costume.
Important: Please be advised to waive the right of publicity due to nature of the event.
Price 5,000 Yen (includes tax) per person
The price includes Costume (Brocade, Inners, Shoes, Socks, Accessories You need warm underwear)Free ticket for Nakatsu castle、Tax
Payment Notice will be forwarded after a booking is confirmed.
Payment should be done in advance of the event.
Operated by Nakatsu Castle 中津城
Enquiry & Booking Nakats Yabakei Tourism Association  一般社団法人 中津耶馬渓観光協会
TEL0979-64-6565(9:00-17:00)  E-mailinfo@nakatsuyaba.com
Website: https://tourism.nakatsuyaba.com/
Booking on telephone by 17:00 on 3 days prior to the event day.
Booking on Website by 21:00 on 3 days prior to the event day.
Please make a booking as couple.
Special notes Weather
The stage in the shrine is under cover. The event will be held even on rainy or windy day unless hazardous stormy day.

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