【2020】Hina Festival Guided Walking Tour

Guided Walking Tour conducted in English and Japanese ♪
Visiting Hina Doll Exhibitions around the castle town with a guide!
A delicious curry lunch or an precious parfait comes with the tour.

Tour 1 (with Lunch)

①Nakatsu History Museum 中津市歴史博物館
Newly opened museum featuring existing the oldest stonewall of Nakatsu castle.
②Moromachi Street 諸町(南部まちなみ交流館)
Historical old l street where local people are passionate about Hina dolls.
③Nakatsu Castle 中津城
The most recognizable water-castle in Japan.

④Horaikan 蓬莱館
Japanese garden café that serves original rich taste curry.

Tour 2 (with Parfait)

①Yukichi Fukuzawa’s Former Residence

The most famous legend and pioneer of education, who is 10000yen note’s icon.
②Temple Street & Doctor Oe Family Museum

No place like the street where 15 temples are in a small neighboring area.
③Moromachi Street 諸町
Historical old l street where local people are passionate about Hina dolls.
④Niwa Cafe 丹羽茶舗喫茶室
Japanese tea dealer produces original parfait using selected prime matcha.


Date Tour 1 (with Lunch)
February 22Sat)、23Sun)、24Mon)、27Thu)、28Fri)、29Sat
March 01Sun)、02Mon)、05Thu)、06Fri)、07Sat)、08Sun

Tour 2 (with Parfait)

February 27Thu)、28Fri)、29Sat
March 05Thu)、06Fri)、07Sat
Meeting Point Tour 1 (with Lunch)
Nakatsu HistoryMuseum 中津市歴史博物館
1290 Sannocho Nakatsu city Oita prefecture 大分県中津市三ノ丁1290番地

Tour 2 (with Parfait)
Yukichi Fukuzawa’s former residence 福澤諭吉旧居・記念館 MAP
586 Rusuimachi Nakatsu city Oita prefecture 大分県中津市留守居町586
Meeting Time Tour 1 (with Lunch)  10:00

Tour 2 (with Parfait)  13:00


Tour 1 (with Lunch) Approx. 3 hours
10:00 Nakatsu History Museum
10:50 Moromachi Street (visiting a couple of Hina dolls display venue)
11:35 Nakatsu Castle
12:05 – 13:00 Lunch at a Cafe

Tour 2 (with Parfait)
Approx. 3 hours
13:00 Yukichi Fukuzawa’s former residence and another Hina dolls displaying
 Strolling on Temple Street
14:10 Moromachi Street (visiting a couple of Hina dolls display venue)
15:05 – 16:00 Parfait at a Café
Note: The schedule may be changed due to unforeseen events.
The tour may be canceled on the day before departure in case of bad weather.
Participant Minimum no. required: 1  Maximum no. taken 8
1) Age 15 or under needs guardian.
2) Age 16 to 19 needs consent from guardian.
Price Adult: 2,000 Yen (inc. tax) per person
Child (under age 12): 1,000 Yen (inc. tax) per person
Condition: One child participant needs one or more adult participant(s).
The price includes English speaking guide, Lunch/Parfait, Tax
Payment Payment should be done in advance of tour departure.
Operated by Nakatsu Yabakei Tourism Association 中津耶馬渓観光協会
Enquiry & Booking Nakats Yabakei Tourism Association  一般社団法人 中津耶馬渓観光協会
TEL0979-64-6565(9:00-17:00)  E-mailinfo@nakatsuyaba.com
Website: https://tourism.nakatsuyaba.com/
Booking on telephone by 17:00 on 3 days prior to the event day.Booking on Website by 21:00 on 3 days prior to the event day.






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